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It's A Journey

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Updated: Jan 25, 2021

What did Jesus do that was so wrong to justify crucifying him? Oh yes I know the scriptures and I know that was the plan…. It was all prophesied….But what was the catalyst that caused the leaders to hate him so? They feared and were threatened by his influence….people were believing him….He preached radical, unheard  of love and forgiveness ( you see Jesus’ objectors wanted you to earn it)…Jesus loved then as he does now…unconditionally…he challenged their traditions and didn’t apologize or deny who he was….the Christ…(we all should walk in that courage)…His objectors refused to believe that Jesus was the answer sent by a loving God….a God that knew there was no way we could live up to the law… if people were to be saved someone had to pay the price of the law…we needed a savior …the Savior…Truly by the Grace of God when we trust and believe in Jesus and His message of radical unconditional love we are his children. And as his child we have an assignment. Be careful not to spread hate and dissension in your Christian walk, in the name of religion, I cannot imagine he would be pleased. That’s not what he suffered for, that’s not what he died for, that’s not what he rose for ….that’s not why he lives….He Lives for love. That’s what he died for, that’s why he suffered, that was the reason for his Passion.  No one is excluded from that’s his special connection with the disenfranchised, the ostracized, the outcasts, the forgotten, the least of these….it’s his love, his mercy, his grace, his patience, his sacrifice, it’s the essence of who he is….Love…that attracts, ministers, comforts, accepts and saves…as believers our journey is to keep our eyes fixed on Christ and point others to Him…..that’s all…Thank you Yeshua….you are all we need….I am in love with you…there’s so much work to be done within as well as without….help me to always do your will…

With Love,

Ms. Wanda, GAC

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I'm Wanda the creator of “It’s a Journey” Blog.  The purpose of this Blog is to  encouraged you to  fulfill the purpose and plan God has for your life. A journey that may be full of obstacles but also one full of grace. Please comment and share your thoughts! 

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