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It's A Journey

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Authentic Power

Updated: Feb 23

In every encounter strive for authenticity. Authentic love for those around you. Authentic concern and care. Express authenticity to yourself by addressing authentic feelings of hurt, disappointment and disillusionment. Don’t sweep the negative feelings under the rug but deal with them and seek ways to heal authentically not just exist in-spite of. This will not always be easy. I know, because I am a “never let them see you sweat” girl from way back but it doesn’t serve you well ( and it doesn’t keep you from sweating). I absolutely believe in keeping it moving but there is no need to hide. Striving to be the woman or man of God you were created to be is definitely a struggle but there is honor in that struggle, there is strength that is gained in that struggle, empathy and compassion is created in that struggle and wisdom earned in that struggle. Authenticity is power that is not to be used as a weapon but to breathe life to the holder of that power and those that come in contact with a genuine, caring, loving, self-controlled and self-assured spirit. The spirit that is born from a mature, growing relationship with God. A spirit that is modeled by Jesus…loving, kind, stable, sure, fearless and powerful. Keeping it real is not about letting someone have it when you are fed up, it’s about understanding your shortcomings, knowing how far you’ve come and recognizing that same journey in someone else.

Just something to think about…


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