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It's A Journey

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The Grace to Begin Again

Updated: Feb 23

None of us are exempt from getting off track, meaning well in the beginning but veering of course. When you find yourself getting off track go back to the beginning. What do I mean by getting off track? You were called and set aside for a purpose (we all are) but you’re doing stuff that does not support that calling. You were called but the opposition you’ve faced has worn you out and your once blazing flame is now a flicker. You were called but have gotten caught up in judging others instead of extending the grace that was extended to you. You’ve answered the call but have become comfortable maybe a little complacent. No new challenges, no enlarging of territory just going through the motions. You’re off track. So when you find yourself off track go back to the beginning of your first encounter with Jesus....remember what that day or night felt like....remember what you were going through, the predicament you were in, remember how He made you feel...remember the security, the acceptance, the grace, the knowing that He had you, loved you, saved you...that Blessed and revive the calling. The calling never changes but along the way we do...take care and get back on track. There are those that only you can reach, teach and love. But then you know that. Just get back up, back on track and keep it moving. None of us are exempt from getting tired and weary. But it’s not the end. You have been given the power to come out of a dark place with more wisdom, compassion and empathy to reach back and help someone else do the same. When your Source, your Strength, your Father, your Savior, your Redeemer lovingly reminds you who you are and what you are supposed to be doing don’t waste time in regret. You just get back on track and keep it moving.

Let me say this because it is extremely important. If you have never had an encounter with Jesus or if you’re not sure if you have just have the desire to and He will meet you right where you are. In whatever mess you find yourself in, whatever confused lonely place, whatever the situation, He loves to get in it with you and show you the way out. You don’t get right and then come to Christ. You come as you are. He wants you as you are. He feels your pain, knows your weakness, your confusion and hopelessness. Let God be God in your life. He knows what He’s doing and He absolutely knows who He loves and everything about who He He is not surprised or shocked by you. Don’t compare Him to experiences you may have had with mankind who is full of flaws. God is not common. He is God. And He desperately wants a close intimate personal relationship with you. And if you need a place to start that relationship read Ephesians in the New Testament. Do not stay discouraged. You may be disappointed but keep going. It may be really dark right now but keep going. This is not all there is so keep going. Accept a helping hand, an encouraging word and keep going. Take care of yourself, get back on track and keep going. Jesus loves you even if you don’t know Him so keep going....let Him in and keep going....fulfill that plan and keep going....let Him heal that hurt and keep’s not too late so keep going and it’s not over so just keep going....

Lord Jesus help us and thank you for your steady, consistent presence in our lives. Thank you for your gentle yet relentless pursuit...we, like you will keep going until all have the opportunity to know the love of Christ...we will just keep going....

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