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It's A Journey

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Don't Fall For It

When was the last time you stepped out on faith? Did it work out for you? Or did you decide it’s not worth the trouble or risk? Or worse did you step out with the best of intentions and motives just to have it all blow up in your face? Have you ever felt like something was following your every move daring you to move forward? Something taunting you to go ahead and try walking in your calling, try fulfilling that dream, try being obedient....ever have that dread in your stomach, your chest, your throat? Try as you might to keep it at bay you keep feeling a dread that you can’t quite put your finger on but it threatens to steal your joy, kill your hope and destroy your faith.....sound familiar? And even though you feel weary and unworthy God keeps tapping you on the shoulder and inviting you to catch His vision and take hold of the new He is trying to do through you.

The enemy tried to steal my voice. There were situations introduced that fed my fears. Tests that I didn’t pass. Traps that I fell into over and over. And they all threatened to steal my voice. These things made me question my purpose, my calling and ultimately myself....But it didn’t work....cause I’m talking to you. Wonder if this inner and outer opposition is strategic? Wonder if there is a love inside of you so big to give, a message so strong, a purpose so immense that the plan is to shut it down before it can ever gain steam, take hold or make a difference. Wonder if there is a plan to keep you discouraged, disappointed and disillusioned? To keep you in your keep you stuck....but to give you just enough rope to keep you on a merry go round...constantly moving but going nowhere. Could it be that that is the plan? Possibly...probably. But there is also another plan that I am convinced of and empowered by...the plan that was designed for you and me. A plan designed not to hurt you but to give you an expected end....what is an expected end? It’s an end that was designed for your gifts, your talents, your purpose, your personality. It’s the end that God planned from the beginning for your life. And he can use everything up to this point to groom and grow you. What was meant to derail you He can use to equip you. The traps you continue to fall in...He can use to give you wisdom....that shame you feel is a waste of time and unwarranted...have you made mistakes yep...should you have known better...probably...but can God use it to mold you and shape the potter on the wheel? You better believe...all day everyday....molding you into a wiser more empathetic, person, partner, family member, leader and ambassador. Nothing you have been through is wasted if you turn it over to God and trust He’s got your back. Things can change, things will change but your belief is under attack. That hopelessness you have settled into is a clever deception to take the one thing that can change your situation....belief. You must fight to stay in faith. Keep believing. Your change is going to come. God is not asking for perfection. You’re not capable of that. He is asking for the thing that pleases Him and that is your faith (see Hebrews 11:6). Not faith in what you can do but in what He can do. He has plans to give you hope and a future (see Jeremiah 29:11). You may be experiencing a tough time right now and it’s okay if you don’t feel good about it. Just know you are not alone and it won’t always be this way.....keep the will see you through to the other side....just wait....but wait with expectancy (see Isaiah 40:31). Even if you are familiar with these scriptures, be careful not to allow the circumstances of your life rob you of your faith. It is a deception sent to literally steal your future. Guard your heart, guard your mind and honor God with your faith. It’s going to be okay.


Ms Wanda, GAC

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I'm Wanda the creator of “It’s a Journey” Blog.  The purpose of this Blog is to  encouraged you to  fulfill the purpose and plan God has for your life. A journey that may be full of obstacles but also one full of grace. Please comment and share your thoughts! 

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