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Hi! I'm Wanda

Hi, my name is Wanda and I believe in you. I believe that you have a voice that someone needs to hear. I want to encourage you that even if life has gotten in the way and you may be feeling a little weary right now, do not give up and don’t you dare give in. You are enough and worthy to be heard. As a Faith Coach it’s my job to help you develop your voice and help you get to the root cause of your feeling of not being enough so we can get on with the business of living out the purpose for your life.
I have a BA in Business Management and I have a Master’s in Psychology. But what I also have are years of struggling to find and express my authentic voice. I know what it’s like to feel stuck and go through the motions because life goes on. But you and I were meant for more. It’s time to quit hiding and shine that light because you are doing no one any favors by staying hidden.

Founder of Goodwill Ambassadors For Christ (G.A.C)

I am a woman of faith. My relationship with Jesus is the motivation and foundation for all that I do. That being said I do not believe in pushing my beliefs on to anyone but I will share what that relationship has meant and the difference it has made in my life. I am also known as Mswandagac and the G.A.C stands for Goodwill Ambassador for Christ which is an assignment not a title. And that assignment is to let you know 1. God loves you. 2. He sees you and is not surprised by you. 3. He’s not mad at you. 4. He desperately wants a close, personal, intimate relationship with you. Checkout my Facebook group Goodwill Ambassadors for Christ. We would love to have you.

Published Author

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I am a contributing author to the book “Survivor to Conqueror”.  My chapter called “Lesson's from the struggle... Navigating the trouble.. Living the victory" is now available to download.
In my eBook you will find out more about me my journey but more importantly the things I learned to get me through and on the other side of that journey. I am currently working on an eBook called “Next Level Thinking” that will offer insights on how to take what you’ve been through, turn it around as a life lesson that has equipped you to move you to your next level and help someone else.
Listen to My Spoken Word Pieces 

I have just released a POWERFUL spoken word EP words by me and set to music by macondabeat entitled “JUST SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT VOL. 1” with six singles on this EP born in pain, written in humility and shared in love. These are conversations I had with God while in a dark place that seemed never ending but it did end. His encouragement and guidance got me through a tough season. You can access the EP through this website or any streaming music site. We have also released a VIDEO to the first single “LYING WHISPERS” produced by Momedia Productions. The video can also be accessed on this site or YouTube. You also have access to the blog I started writing some years ago to encourage and uplift. So please explore the website and I hope you find something that soothes a weary soul, inspires an eager mind and gives strength as you walk out the purpose and plan for your life.

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