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It's A Journey

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Is It Worth It?

Updated: Feb 23

The temptation to give up. You ever been there? Ever say to yourself this is just too hard, to much trouble. It doesn’t seem like it should be this hard does it? You are still struggling with things you should have mastered by now. Is it even worth it to keep going? To keep pushing? The answer is yes and let me tell you why. You are not alone and if people would be truly authentic and open they would tell you they struggle to, we all do. The struggle is not the problem. It’s what you decide to do in, because of and in spite of the struggle that matters.

Jesus struggled right before His crucifixion in the Garden of Gethsemane and we can learn a lot from his response....Nevertheless.....that was his response...He surrendered his desires, expectations, rights and His own will to complete Gods purpose and plan for His life. He was clear on what to do, why He was doing it, who He was doing it for and had the strength to complete His assignment. He was able to finish it. Make no mistake...His pain was real, His anxiety real...He absolutely wanted and asked for another way but nevertheless. So the next time you are tempted to get down on yourself remember the struggle is real but so is Jesus. When you feel like giving up, when what you’ve been through or going through threatens to cloud where you are going, when you feel like you’ve lost your way...don’t fret. He gets it. Jesus is not surprised by you or anything you are grappling with. He’s got you. He’s not mad at you. Just keep going.

Surrendering is not weakness. It takes incredible strength to walk out this plan for your life. There will be bumps, highs, lows, peaks and valleys regardless but surrendering saves you time and mental anguish. It can give you peace and God control. And who better to navigate the controls of your life than the one who created you for such a time as this? Jesus is your supreme example of what to do in your struggle. He knows what you are feeling and why you feel that way. He sees you and feels your pain. In some areas of your life you may be extremely competent, you even excel. But in other areas you “feel” defeated. Intellectually you know you are not a failure but it feels like life is failing you. So what’s the deal? The deal is you are human and at different times in your life you will face times of trouble and turmoil. It’s the decisions you make in the middle of your trouble that determines the outcome, not the trouble itself. The decision to surrender our feelings about what we are going through allows God to take whatever was done to you, whatever mistake you have made, whatever unfair situation you find yourself in and turn it around for your good. He’s got this and He’s got you. You are worth it and so are those that need you. Let’s finish this.

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