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It's A Journey

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Portal of Pain

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

When a snake bites it creates an entry wound. The venomous snake uses this wound to inject its venom or poison into the system. I read that different types of venom affect the body differently. For example sea snake venom kills its prey almost instantly so the fish won’t get away. But other snakes in different environments don’t mind if you run after being bitten. In fact it prefers you run. The more you run the faster the venom spreads and since it now has your scent it just tracks you down and finishes you off. Creepy but clever. Something else I found very interesting is that some of the most poisonous snakes aren’t as deadly because of the small amount of venom it injects when it bites… but other less poisonous snakes are extremely deadly because of the large amount of venom injected once they bite.

When situations occur in our lives that wound us a portal of pain is opened. A portal in which poison can be injected. The source of your pain can be unintentional or intentional. But either way a wound is a wound no matter how its delivered. Some wounds are small punctures others deep gashes. But all are entry points for poison. The wound will need to be healed. The poison already injected into the system will need to be treated with an antivenom. In this case the antivenom would be the love of Christ. We may be able to bandage the wound to try and protect it from infection or better yet mask it but if left untreated it will just reopen and continue to be an entry point for the poison.

We cannot see poison running through our systems but we can see the effects as it ravages our bodies. Sometimes it appears in physical ways but more often it shows up relationally. Contempt just under the surface of your relationships is poison and is guaranteed to spread. Jealousy, hatred, spite, strife, unforgiveness, lack of empathy, judgments are all poisons that get injected into our wounds…..and the list of poisons goes on and on.

We meet up with others wounds and form relationships. Comfort can be found with someone who recognizes and identifies with our pain. But wounded people do not heal wounded people. Wounded people wound people. Nobody knows how to hurt better than a person that has been hurt. It may seem inconceivable but sometimes we get so comfortable in our pain we don’t even recognize it anymore. It becomes part of who we are. And not only does it become part of us, we will sometimes fight to keep our pain because it is all we have come to know. We see our whole life through the lenses of poison and pain.

Our Lord is merciful and loving. He will shine a light and illuminate the poison, at this point a decision has to be made. Is it too hard to look at myself….do I just turn away….do I deal with the pain by ignoring it….getting angry about it….self medicating it….hurt others because of it….or do I once and for all deal with it? Sure I can blame others because after all they may be to blame. But how long do I keep dealing with my issues the same way especially since its not eliminating my pain. And worse yet, I know God would not be pleased. He doesn’t want us to just grin and bear it.  It’s time to stop faking it until we make it. What good does is it do to never let them see us sweat if we are still sweating? It’s time to allow God to heal the wounds. He and He alone can once and for all close the portal of pain. If we don’t it will slowly kill us and all that we hold dear. Jesus doesn’t judge us because of our wounds He came to heal them. But most certainly there will be a price to pay for the pain we inflict in this world because of the wounds we refuse to heal. There are blessings that no one can block for us. There are plans God has for us that no man can abort. No one and I mean no one can stop God from working on your behalf…no one that is but you.

Our pain is real and our struggles within are real and we owe it to ourselves to be good to ourselves and allow healing. You deserve the very best life God has to offer. Sometimes we think we are being good to ourselves by wearing a suit of armor but this rarely protects, it just separates us from the love and blessings God has for us. We cannot afford to be passive about our pain. You deserve to have joy, you deserve peace…victory is yours. But it will not be handed to you on a silver platter.  You have an adversary that wants you to lose and lose big. He tells lies everyday and waits for you to act on them or be affected by someone else that has acted on them. All in an attempt to wound, inject poison and destroy.

I thank God that He takes the time to reveal what we need to know. He allows us time to get to the end of ourselves and He stands there waiting to accept us with open arms when we get sick of counseling ourselves. He loves us, protects us and guides us into all truth. We may be wounded but the Lord just needs us to be willing and that will make all the difference. This type of revelation does not come from a haughty, preachy place but from a lowly, humbled one. When we allow ourselves to be humbled and throw ourselves at the feet of Jesus he picks us up, dust us off, loves us and sends us out into the world. He tells us to go and show others what he has shown us so that they will run to Him and not from Him.

I find it interesting that antivenom used to treat venomous snake bites has venom in it. So the very thing that was meant to maim and kill can be used for the cure.

Genesis 50:20 NIV

You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.

This is Joseph speaking in this passage. He was very young, naïve, immature and favored by his father when God showed him the call on his life. He was reckless with that revelation and his brothers wanted to kill him. Joseph went through a series of events that were meant to destroy him but Joseph kept the right mindset and a right heart. God was then able to use these same events to mature him and prepare him for his destiny. Do not be discouraged Beloved. Just do this:

Proverbs 4:23 NIV

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.

And always remember this:

Romans 8:28 NIV

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

You are a child of God. His light overcomes any darkness or poison injected to harm. He is your antidote and he is your cure. He loves all His children this I know for sure. Let Him lead you into your destiny, let Him love you today. Let Him live inside your heart and chase the pain away.

With Love, Ms. Wanda, GAC

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