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It's A Journey

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Perfectly Imperfect

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Know what happens when you always feel you have to please and be perfect? You begin to become resentful and bitter because perfection is impossible, prideful and arrogant. And those people who seem to require your perfection become the enemy and the target of your frustration and resentment. And I said “seem” because they know you’re not perfect so you could never please them anyway. A lot of the time their judgment is just a way to keep you in check and keep you from straying too far away from their normal which would make them uncomfortable. I think that is why so many shy away from God, because they believe He requires perfection. And why so many Christians are stressed out and  judgmental because they secretly believe that to.

Isn’t it sad that Jesus came to earth, died and rose again precisely because He knew we were not and could never live up to perfection and still so many feel unworthy to call on Him when that was the entire reason for His existence? He came to cloak us in His righteousness so we would not have to answer for not having our own.

Perfection is a waste of energy and a disappointing illusion. Perfectionism can paralyze your dream and stifle your growth. And since it is unattainable requiring perfection from yourself or others can depress your spirit and harm your relationships or keep you from having any authentic ones for sure. You cannot be yourself and no one dare be themselves around you.

We are either running around trying to win Gods approval through works or trying desperately to conceal our own flaws by focusing on the flaws of others.

There is hope in getting off this unproductive useless merry-go-round. The key is to realize that we are all perfectly imperfect. When we stop buying into our own hype or the hype of others we become more empathetic, compassionate, relaxed and clear. It will clear the clutter that can cloud your purpose. It also directs us to the One that not only accepts our imperfections but covers for them. He doesn’t try to hide our mistakes he has already atoned for them. It’s done it is finished. That’s what it means to be covered by the blood of Jesus. All He requires is that you accept the gift He so freely gives. If you didn’t know now you know, if you forgot or got distracted by the many tricks or treats that are sent your way to trip you up now you have been reminded…..Jesus loves you. Some don’t know that, some don’t believe it, others know it but can’t feel it. Some have been going through the motions so long that they think this fact is elementary and not something they need to focus on. But Beloved the love of Jesus Christ can never be elementary because it is everything.

The only thing that can cure the need for the illusion of perfectionism is understanding and feeling the love of Christ. I don’t care if you have been a Christian 5 minutes or 50 years. Every good thing comes from that revelation. And difficulties in ourselves and our personalities arise when we don’t understand that fact, we have forgotten it or refuse to focus on it and rest in it. Some may say how could anyone who knows better forget Jesus loves them? It happens all the time. We get caught up in works of the flesh. Thinking if I do enough right He will love me or I have done so much wrong He can’t possibly still love me. Both trains of thought are wrong. The good you do should be a result of Him loving on you and that deep compassion He shows you becomes so strong and real in your life that you cannot help but pass it on.

You don’t have to be afraid of the light inside. He put it there to be used for His purpose. All that He has placed inside will come to the surface shortly…effortlessly. You will soon flow in the anointing. Be prepared. Some will flock to you and others will despise you. But do not ever be afraid for Jesus says “Lo, I am with you always even until the end of the world” Amen.

Don’t feel the pressure feel the love. Pressure paralyzes, love releases.


Ms. Wanda, GAC

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