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It's A Journey

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Judge Not

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

If you don’t first love, save your judgement, it is to no avail. The example of Jesus is that He first loved us. We are not following His example if we don’t first unconditionally love those we even attempt to judge. You do not judge people into obedience, into submission, into selflessness, into sacrifice, into loyalty.  We can never judge others into the acceptance of Christ. The love of Christ saves. The love of Christ sacrifices. The love of Christ submits…..the love of Christ inspires…it propels one to service, to loyalty, to selflessness, obedience….it inspires love on top of love and then more love. If you are not inspired to love those not like you, those that do not look like you, those that do not agree with you, those that do not see the world like you do…if your heart is not with those that have never felt that unconditional love, those that are confused, those that make mistake after mistake…those that don’t like you, if your heart cannot feel for those that despise you and work woefully against you. If you cannot forgive, look past and ignore offense…you need to read and reread….(1 John 4 is a good place to start)….pray and pray some more…until Jesus fills you with the love that He intends for us to share….the love that looked past your faults and saw your needs……anything else is counterfeit….useless….hurtful…wrong. Counterfeit love hurts shames and belittles. Counterfeit love demands and never feels good….and accomplishes nothing…it instills fear and feels violent to the soul….real love brings peace, acceptance, tranquility and provides rest to the troubled soul….The love of Christ is hard to explain but when felt unmistakable… The love of Christ soothes and supports….the love of Christ protects, justifies and sanctifies….you may mean well and Christ knows that too but He needs you to know that His love is the only love that transforms….man’s love and his interpretation of love is conditional….the love of Christ is not….

Christ continuously guides us, reminds us, teaches us and is so patient with us….Grace so graciously given deserves to be shared..

More reading and praying to do? Me too….it’s all good…

Suggested Reading: 1 John 4, Luke 6, Matthew 7 and Roman 14

With Love,


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