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It's A Journey

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Will You Do It?

Updated: Feb 23

You have everything you need inside to accomplish all you were meant to do. Yes, I know it sounds like a platitude but it’s true. So will you do it? Before you answer that question answer these first…..1) are you willing to put yourself out there and let others see what God has deposited deep inside your soul? Can you handle the judgement, the rejection, the fear.? 2) and what is success…to you?…to God? 3) what if your definition of success and Gods definition aren’t the same? Can you handle that? 4) and can you move forward not knowing the end from the beginning? These are very important questions that you can only answer for yourself. It’s between you and God. Are you willing to look foolish and out of step with those around you? Can you summon the courage to be true to God? Will you honor Him by displaying and demonstrating His goodness? No matter how much you believe in Him and love Him your intimate answers to these questions will tell Him if you really trust Him. He understands…after all He knows you…He has seen what you have been through…the troubles you’ve seen..the pain inflicted on you as well as the pain you have inflicted on others..He knows you have been wounded…He knows you have been disappointed and been a disappointment…He knows you have regrets and holes in your soul that have never been filled. He knows that you hope for the future…but that hope is guarded and conditional…He knows that you want a sign or confirmation that you are on the right track and that things will turn out the way you envision they will…he knows all this. He will always love you but to please Him it’s not enough to believe in Him ….you have got to believe Him. Take a deep breath and move forward but with a renewed spirit.

What first attracted you to Christianity? To Jesus? What did he do to you, for you, in you? Do you have a personal relationship with Christ? Or did you grow up in an environment that taught you about Jesus and it’s all you’ve ever known? What about all those that don’t know him? How will they know, unless we demonstrate the mind, the heart and agenda of Christ? We cannot bully someone into believing in God by condemning them. They will just walk away. Everyone deserves to experience Christ and to make the choice for themselves. And we have a responsibility to usher them into His presence. We provide the introduction and Jesus will take it from there. The best way to present Christ to others today is to emulate how he presented Himself during His earthly ministry…by demonstrating the love, compassion and acceptance of Christ… He met them where they were. He saw through their masks, their pretense and issues to show them love and meet their needs. He caught them off guard and unprepared for His goodness. The only requirement to come to Him was and is belief. One does not come to Christ changed. It is the love and acceptance of Christ that changes. We should not insert our own requirements. He was not concerned about Himself but about those that needed Him and His salvation…His love was not conditional on having His needs met. We have got to pray for the wisdom of Christ…the patience of Christ…the tenacity of Christ…the compassion of Christ and the sacrificial spirit of Christ. This sacrificial spirit of Christ does not come quickly or easily. It is imperative that we allow Christ into our broken places, our empty spaces, our wounded souls to heal and restore. If we don’t deal with our own hurts and bias we will without a doubt hurt souls along the way. It may be unintentional but we may turn a weak, weary, wounded, hungry soul away from the Kingdom forever. Which of course is the complete opposite of what God wants, needs and expects of His children. No one wants this but it happens. Good intentions delivered in an insensitive manner can distort the message and leave it ineffective in the lives of those we wish to reach. He gets it and understands our dilemma. So……what do we do?

We do what all sinners do…we come to Christ accept His gift of salvation and allow him to change and rearrange us. Then we do like Christ would do..share the love…

Will you let go of anything and everything once and for all, that is hindering and blocking Gods best for your life? Will you showcase His anointing, move in His spirit, utilize your gifts, talents and abilities to further His Kingdom while relinquishing your will to His and trusting in His love and care for you?

Will you do it? Will you say yes Lord, send me?

Your heart is protected, your soul is safe in Christ….

With Love, Compassion and Care Ms. Wanda, GAC

P.S. As I write this tears flow as I ask myself these same questions…you are never alone. God loves you right where you are.

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