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It's A Journey

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The Fight

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Stay extremely focused in the face of opposition. The opposition that comes from within and without. Motives do matter. Why we do what we do matters. Clarify, Define and Resolve. No wavering only Belief, Trust and Action. The rest is up to God. The best is yet to come.

I love my Rocky movies and every time I watch one I see something new. This time I was watching Rocky II. Rocky is fighting Apollo in a rematch. Apollo won the decision last time but not decisively. His ego was bruised because Rocky went the distance so he wants to fight Rocky again and annihilate him this time. Towards the end of this second fight Rocky is bloody and both eyes are just about shut. His trainer Mickey says to him “it’s time to switch to southpaw cause what you’re doing isn’t working anymore”.  Rocky says “I don’t need no tricks I’m not switching”.  Meanwhile Apollo’s trainer Duke is telling him “you have it won on points just stick and move, stick and move and stay out of his way! You only have 3 minutes! Don’t go for the knockout you’ve got it won”.  Apollo ignores Duke and says he (Rocky) is going to fall. Rocky goes back out and starts to get pounded as Apollo closes in for the knockout. All of a sudden Mickey screams “Now!” At that moment Rocky hears Mickey’s voice over the roar of the crowd and even through his pain. He knows Mickey’s voice. He listens for it during a fight. Even though he could barely see he trusted Mickey and throws the left punch and stuns Apollo and gets him on the ropes. At the same time Duke is yelling to Apollo “Get away from him! Get away!” But unlike Rocky Apollo doesn’t hear  Duke’s voice or doesn’t listen to him if he did. Rocky hits Apollo with a crushing blow eventually both fall to the floor of the ring. Both men “said” they were going to do it their way. But when it came right down to it one heard the voice of his trainer and ultimately did what he said. Both fell but only one had the resolve to get up and win.

Can you hear the Lord’s voice over the roar of your circumstances or the pain of your condition?  Will you tune everything else out and trust Him. Will you have the resolve to do what He says?  You are a fighter… WE are fighters, that’s what we do. We “fight” the good “fight” of faith….see 1 Timothy 6:12.  Fighters to stay in and of faith. Fighters to lay hold of everything He has in store for us. God wants you to do the same thing Adrian told her husband Rocky to do “Win, Win!”

God Bless You, Ms. Wanda, GAC


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