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It's A Journey

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The Christ Connection

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

When I met Jesus I didn’t feel judged, I felt understood. Through a heart of understanding He won my heart. The love and understanding of Christ beckons for us to come up higher and to a higher understanding of ourselves and others. It pulls us up out of confusion, hurt and disbelief into love, consciousness and perception. It heightens our sensitivity and rescues us when we slip back into what our small minds know. I love Him. I don’t have to fight His battles only represent His love best I can. My journey is not complete. I still need Him to guide me into all truth and especially my own. My journey of enlightenment serves to release that which is not true into all that is. My goal is to be able to look into yours eyes and see you, to understand, to get you without the toxicity of my own experiences or issues. My journey is not complete but that is my goal. I want to be like Christ.

Sometimes we forget that the fortunate thing about our faith is not how much we love Jesus but how much He loves us. We believed in that love and fell in love with that love. It’s the catalyst that keeps us pushing and the assurance that keeps us grounded. It’s the power of that love that keeps us or gets us back on track. And the weapon that defeats the lies we are told or that we tell ourselves. The love of Christ draws us back when we get distorted. It fills that great big hole of disconnect. Your connection with Him will cause everything else you worry about to fall into place.

In our connection and willingness to evolve He will teach us to see deeper when others react out of their pain and not be vulnerable to manipulation when feeling our own. The Christ connection allows us to deal with people on a higher level…being able to see beneath the surface of what you see in front of you. It’s important to not only see what is revealed, but we must trust what we hear and recognize the source. The last thing is to be ready and willing to act on God’s voice. This is easier said than done if we are living our own lives on the surface, either unaware or unwilling to go deeper to come up higher.

You really can do what God has put on your heart to do… it’s not about you it’s what he wants to do through you. Don’t let past behavior predict your future. Every moment you have a choice to do something different. If you are not where you should be do something different…make a change…get into alignment and watch God work.

What you bring to the table is important.

With Love,

Ms Wanda, GAC

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