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It's A Journey

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Perfect Your Endgame

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

What is your endgame? Ever think about what your next move is going to be when you come to the end of yourself? Or are you too busy planning your next clever move? What happens when you realize you are truly not the one in control and the things you do to maintain control don’t give you the desired results? Oh sure it works for awhile maybe even for a lifetime but then you look back and realize you didn’t gain you were just successful in masking the pain. You were never really winning you were just buying time. Time to avoid dealing with the heart of the matter. Those that others may view as weak are strong because they come to the end a whole lot quicker and are not fearful to ask for help when they get there. Those that appear to be strong and extremely capable have it a lot harder. They hold on for dear life….and are extremely proficient. They function very well and never let them see them sweat. But they are left totally unprepared for the endgame. In chess the endgame is when there are a few pieces left on the board and only a few moves left. You may have done very well throughout the whole game but if you have not perfected your endgame ahead of time you will lose right there on the end. But in the same respect you may have appeared to be losing but if you perfect your endgame you could pull out the win and appear to have upset the plan of your opponent.

I’ve heard people say many times God helps those that help themselves. While I understand their sentiment and the spirit in which it was given we should never confuse initiative with self-sufficiency. Initiative is good but self-reliance is death in your walk with God. Self reliance will make you obstinate, hard and non-receptive to the Lord’s promptings. I thank God that His thoughts are not man’s thoughts. Where would we be if He didn’t send help when we could no longer help ourselves. He will even send help when we think we don’t need it. Those times when we think we’ve got this.

What have you placed above the power of Christ? What in your life says I can do it better than Christ? What have you refused to release to the power of Christ? What problem, situation or person have you decided that He is not moving fast enough? What issue within yourself seems so overwhelmingly difficult that you feel He can’t help you with it? What is that thing that makes you say BUT. I believe in Christ ….But.. I know what the Bible says…But…. I know how He would have me handle this…..But… I even heard what the doctor said…But…I know this person means me no good…But…..I know I should be through with this ….But….. I hear what you’re saying Lord…But…

What is that thing that represents the lack of trust you have in Christ? Because that is what it comes down to. Whatever you are putting over the sovereignty of Christ…..Let it go. It is stealing from you. It’s stealing your time, your destiny, your life. Perfect your endgame…..Pray…Let it go….and let God. Give Him the last moves and watch him pull off an upset.

With Love,

Ms. Wanda, GAC

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