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It's A Journey

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Just Wait

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Sometimes your dark clouds hang around so long you quit looking for the sun. You become accustomed to the gray days and reminisce about the way it used to be done

You don’t want to appear ungrateful for the Lord has blessed you immensely

But oh how sad it is when you have been blessed before but your future now is a mystery

You love the Lord He heard your cry….you know it and you feel it. But nothing’s changed. The sky is still gray and your strength wanes.

The Bible says those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength…you see the Lord must have known this would happen because He spoke of it in His Word.

He said I know you’re gonna have some dark days….some dreary days but just wait on Me….things are going to change…just wait on Me while your strength wanes. Wait on Me and watch Me renew your strength…watch Me build your faith and fortitude…watch Me mold you, make you, shape you into My image….not the image you have in your head…not the one people expect of you…watch Me and as you watch Me notice when things get just a little bit lighter…begin to notice the small changes I’ve made in you…those little pieces of you that look more and more like Me….notice when you don’t get as anxious when things don’t go as planned …..notice when you mutter to yourself this to shall pass….notice when you look back and see how things worked out for you anyway….notice these things as you wait for a brighter day….watch Me and before you know it the clouds are going to break and before you know it you are going to trade in those dark days for clear ones…you’re going to trade in that heaviness for wings…but not just any wings, oh no… These are going to be wings that mount up like Eagles…wings that soar above the clouds…wings that allow you to see what I see…the big picture and all the new I’m trying to do….Oh yes you’re going to have some dreary days but as you begin to see Me more clearly, you will feel better.

Know this Beloved, God sees you….he’s got a plan for you…so let it be cloudy today….but just know it won’t always be that way….you’ll see …just wait

With Love,

Ms Wanda, GAC

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