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It's A Journey

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Change my mind, Lord. Change my mind.

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Sometimes you have to catch up to the call on your life. Paul was persecuting Christians when Jesus stopped him in his tracks and informed him of what he was really supposed  to be doing with his life! (Acts 9). His conversion was dramatic, he went blind for three days and after regaining his sight he fully understood his assignment.  He went from persecuting Christians to converting people to Christianity in a span of a few days! Jesus told Paul to leave the place where he was in a hurry because the people here will not receive a message from you (Acts 22). Paul said, “Lord these people know me, they know I’ve been going to every church beating and putting Christians in jail”. Jesus then said, “Go to the place I tell you”.  Jesus didn’t address the obvious, Paul’s former life. Apparently that had no bearing on his new life. All Paul had to do was change his mind.  If you are not where you should be quit listening to that judgmental voice trying to keep you there.  Just catch up to your calling.

When there is a real shift in your thinking, anything is possible. Whenever I know my thinking is not lining up with God’s plan for my life my prayer is: “Change my mind Lord, Change my mind”. Even if you have been angry with someone for years a little shift in thinking can change your feelings in an instant. Rarely when people hurt you is it about you. You just got in the way, in the way of them trying to fill some hole in their life. Not that it makes your pain any less but it does open the door to something else. It allows you to at least consider the pain they must be in to inflict pain on you. Where it really gets tricky is when the person inflicting the pain on you is you. You have no more right to insult, demean, assault or mistreat yourself than you do anyone else. When you do this it is wrong on so many levels. And sometimes the first person you need to change your mind about is you. God is not pleased when you mistreat yourself and He will step in to protect you from you. Understand that while you may not be where you want to be you are always precious to Him. He will help you. But you abusing you is not good. Being good to yourself, knowing and believing you deserve peace within yourself and in your life can happen if you change your mind. You can forgive someone if you change your mind. You can forgive yourself if you change your mind. Your life can change today if you change your mind. Don’t be a surface dweller. One who lives on the surface of life. Dig deep and really change your mind. Don’t put on your mask. Masks cover what’s wrong they don’t heal what’s wrong. Change your mind and change your life. Change your mind and change someone else’s life. Change my mind Lord. Change my mind.


Ms. Wanda GAC

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