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It's A Journey

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Updated: Feb 23

There is a reason for the things we experience in life. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense at the time. But if we can glean self-awareness and empathy from our life experiences it will go a long way in healing the hurting of this world. When Jesus walked the earth He knew exactly who he was. He never wavered in His commitment to all people. He is the most self-aware person I have ever experienced and also the most empathetic. Many didn’t like that about Him…He knows pain, abandonment, betrayal. He knows what it’s like to be polarizing, ostracized and denied…he also knows what it’s like to walk this earth never having sinned and be hated only because of who He was and what he stood for…..radical, unapologetic love. But he also knows compassion, devotion, love and acceptance. I didn’t come to Christ because of an intellectual decision, I didn’t commit my life to him because I was witnessed to, I came to Christ, I give my life, my will, my all to Him because I experienced the love of Christ. It was like nothing I had ever felt. It was like I know all about you, I see you…not the image of you, not the mask you let the world see…no…. I know you and I love you, I will stand for and with you, I will give a ransom for you, I even know you don’t feel the same way about me yet but I am going to love you anyway kind of love. It’s an I’m going to work with you and in you until you allow me to run all through you so you see others the way I do kind of love…no matter what and how long it takes kind of love…Nothing like it kind of love….if it were so everyone could do it. He knows and feels your pain. Whatever that may be. No matter who you are. Turn to Him….that’s the point of it all.

Our biggest test may not be whether we can stand in judgement but can we love in spite of. And what good is our love if one cannot see it, feel it or trust it….

Love instinctively feels right…not always easy….and people may not always want yours…and when you are a Christian the enemy is going to test that love….big time….sometimes I pass the test and sometimes I have to ask God’s forgiveness and guidance cause I’m just not feeling it…It is at those times that He will gently, lovingly and mercifully show the flaws within myself and ask of me to give mercy as it has been given to me…this humbles me….I sometimes have to repeat this process especially when I feel offended or indignant about something….but the process I do repeat….our love is being tested…to express it, to exhibit it….we’ve seen it exhibited in a powerful way here recently…and then not so much….

I thank God for His grace and mercy both of which I do nothing to deserve…I have work to do….within and without… I love God’s children and invite them all into a relationship with Him. He is so good, so loving, so patient, so kind, so true, so stable, so steady, so immovable and so sure of His love for each and every one of you. When I can look at a list of sins and not recognize not one in me then I will turn my attention to others or better yet I will just leave the judgment, if any, to God.

Please forgive me Lord my shortcomings. I truly want to honor you. Lead me in a plain path….

With Love,

Ms. Wanda, GAC

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