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It's A Journey

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On Sale Now

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Have you ever come across a sale you just couldn’t keep to yourself? Where they were giving away high quality goods that on a regular day you wouldn’t even allow yourself to desire because the price to pay was so high you couldn’t even muster the audacity to ask for it. But now with this sale not only can you afford it, you may buy two! And when you wear that outfit or put on those shoes or flash that diamond it makes you feel like a person that could afford it. You feel deserving, valued and worthy. Even if that is not truly how you see yourself. Well if you have ever come across a sale like that it’s hard to keep it to yourself. You just have to call somebody and let them know! “You have got to get down here now and take advantage of this sale! The good stuff is going fast! I’ll wait for you, just get down here now! I’ll even pick out some stuff you may like and hold it for you until you get here!” Now that’s a friend!

Well that’s how I feel about my relationship with Christ. This deal is so amazing! He is offering a one on one relationship for nothing down and no payments until never. Contrary to what some may have you believe, you don’t have to be good enough, worthy or even on the road to perfection. The only requirement is to believe, trust, get to the sale and take the deal! And when you wear your relationship it makes you feel deserving, valued and worthy. Even if that is not truly how you see yourself. No need to worry. Jesus will pick out some stuff He thinks you will like and hold it till you get there. It was just too hard to keep it to myself. I had to let you know!

-mswandagac ❤️

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