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It's A Journey

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Living A Life of Grace

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

“You never do the things you need to do to get where you need to be and then you’re upset when you don’t get there”……..Ever been there? I know I have. Why do we sometimes shy away from things that breathe life to us. We run from things that make us feel alive and connected because they are foreign and unfamiliar. We find ourselves slipping back into habits that don’t encourage but hinder only because it is what we’ve always known. Why not dare to embark upon a journey of fulfilment and adventure? There is a saying if it’s not broke don’t fix it but sometimes it’s broken but we refuse to acknowledge it. And in the event we do identify a problem, we find it easier and more appealing to self medicate, destroy relationships and put up walls. In other words we would rather patch the problem instead of facing and owning that we need to make a change. Don’t jerry rig your life. Have the courage to walk boldly through a new door.

We are encouraged to eat nourishing food to fuel our bodies but we allow our minds to be corrupted. We feed on negativity, judgement, bitterness, anger and offense. We give ourselves permission to do this because we have a good reason to feel that way. That is where the deception occurs. Our reasons are good but it is killing us and our relationships. It makes us rigid and unable to intimately relate. And the saddest part of all is that most of these feelings are directed within and only ooze out because we are unable or unwilling to forgive and accept ourselves as we are. As a result we become super judgmental and critical of ourselves and others. But what if God is pleased with you already just the way you are? What if you are already good enough? And what if it breaks His heart that you won’t accept you, His creation, as you are now at this very moment.

Last weekend was a celebration of the Resurrection of Christ. He died in our place and rose on the third day for our eternal lives. He covered us, had our back, went to bat for us.  However it make sense to you, He laid down His life so that we wouldn’t lose ours. He came so that we could have an abundant life (see John 10:10). When God sees us He sees us through Jesus, making us righteous because He substituted Himself for our sins and died to set us free. He approves of us and loves us. How sad it must be for Him to see us abusing ourselves and others. Making each other feel like we don’t measure up because we don’t fit a mold or the expectations of others. How sad He must be watching us put pressure on ourselves and others to be worthy of being loved. It must break His heart. We are human and have all felt these feelings and did things we have felt guilty about. But feeling guilt and shame is not what He wants. What Jesus wants is for you to feel His grace….. You are loved and accepted because of what He did. You are good enough because of what He did. You are worthy because of Him. You have nothing to prove, no one to live up to. Just feel and live in His grace. That grace frees you. It takes the pressure off. When you live a life of grace you become more tolerant, less judgmental, there is a light that shines on and through you. You give yourself and others permission to be who they are with no pretense. That saying “there but for the grace of God go I” takes on a new meaning.

To live a life of grace you must eat healthy. Not physically but spiritually. Feast only on those things that feed the soul and not drain it. If you are present with God He will guide you. But if you only depend on what you have always done, on old mindsets probably passed down from generation to generation you will look up and a lifetime will have passed and be wasted on things that just didn’t matter.

Don’t feel bad, don’t be defiant, put down your defense and just take Jesus’ hand and allow Him to lead you into a life of grace. Allow what gives life into your life no matter how uncomfortable it may feel. Believe me there will be obstacles and opposition meant to drain the life out of you (see John 10:10). But push through and persevere, you come from good stock. Seek out and search for what feeds you. You may have to let some things and unfortunately some people go. Hopefully just temporarily, until you are grounded firmly in the grace of God. We are all on a journey some just further down the road than others. Forge ahead and reach back to bring others with you. It is so much more rewarding and encouraging to have others on this journey with you. We just have to allow and remember that we will all travel at a different pace but God will work in each of us in His own way if we allow Him to. Be patient with yourself and others. Do what you need to do to work on you. Live a life of grace and feed your spirit so you can stay in that place.

2 Peter 3:18 (NIV) But grow in the grace and in knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be glory both now and forever. Amen


Ms Wanda, GAC

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