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It's A Journey

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Jesus Came To My House One Day

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Jesus came to my house one day He met me right where I was…on my couch…

I was looking for Him but didn’t really know for sure where to find Him

And then one day He showed up at my house…

I knew then that Jesus loved me.

Along with that revelation came comfort and reassurance.

I had read about Him going to the cross..I knew the story well…

But one day while watching a movie I got a visual of how He was tortured how much He suffered for me…and I asked why? Why did it have to happen that way? And the Lord said because it had to be…

He had to go through that for you…..and for me.

It just had to be.

I came to fully appreciate what He did and accomplished on that Cross. Without that day we would all be lost.

Along with that revelation came my salvation…eternal life.

I then witnessed Him fight my battles and make a way out of no way.

With that came security

He forgave me..and set me on a straight path…even though and especially when I didn’t deserve it.

With that I learned grace…how to receive it. If I had never received it I would never learn to extend it to anyone else…

Coming to an understanding of my own shortcomings allows me to begin to understand the shortcomings of others

With this I learn to forgive

Yes I know it’s not always easy

And sometimes the hardest of all to forgive is ourselves…I get that and so does He.

Having a relationship with Jesus…step by step…little by little…being open to him and His guidance, His correction and His love has grown me, it’s changed me.

With that comes spiritual maturity…

It’s not about me…

It’s all about Him and those that need to know Him, experience Him…it’s about those that need to feel that unconditional love and acceptance… It’s about what He died for…what He lives for…it’s about why He works through me….it’s about you.

That’s what happened when Jesus came to my house one day.

I pray you feel the love of Christ today…I pray you experience His power…His healing touch…His restoration…His compassion…

I pray you feel all those things and pass it on to someone else..

With Love,

Ms. Wanda GAC

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