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It's A Journey

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It’s Really Not That Big Of A Deal

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Remember that song “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”? If you are not a Baby Boomer you may not recognize it, although it has been remade several times, but you can probably relate to the title. Are you looking for satisfaction but can’t get any?   Maybe you are looking for a person to validate you or make you feel worthy. This rarely happens and if it does it can be fleeting, depending on your situation and theirs. Maybe you get it from your job or what you own. But jobs change and what you own can go. Maybe you get it from the admiration or respect from others. Stop giving them what they need or want and watch that change. Life is completely fickle. It’s going to give what it’s going to give. You will get some of what you want usually mixed with adversity. You’ll have experiences that fill you and some that leave you empty and dissatisfied.

Let me share with you a lesson I have learned. Adversity is a part of life. It WILL show up. People don’t always act like you think they should, you don’t always get what you think you deserve. And stuff happens.

I’m one of those people who expect life to tie up in a nice package with a bow on top. Delusional yes, but I want what I want. Of course it rarely turns out that way which does cause me some stress:-) But I’m always hopeful but also learning. For example, the other day I had my whole day planned down to the most efficient route for my errands. This was on a Friday. The previous Monday I had handled quite a bit of business over the phone on my lunch break. The result of these calls would affect how my Friday went. Only one person on Monday followed through with what they said they would do, which threw my whole Friday I had planned. I felt the anxiety building as I tried not to react as I normally would which only made me feel worse. Finally I couldn’t stop myself and I let it spew. I started with the negative self talk because I was so disgusted. I was not only disgusted because others didn’t follow through but because I didn’t follow my mind and have the good sense to follow-up and make sure they had done what they said they would. Afterall, if I had checked up on them on Wednesday my Friday would have gone as planned. Ugh! So then I heard this still small voice say in my mind…… “Stop talking about how you feel and focus on what is real. And you will find that what is real is not that big of a deal”. Hummmm wonder who that was:-)   So as I sat and calmed down I thought it all out and with a few minor adjustments everything worked out. All was not lost and I even managed to get a little exercise and save some money, but that’s another story. The point is I don’t always get what I want but I always have what I need even when I feel I don’t. The only way I could half way feel okay about this is to trust that there is a higher power not only looking out for me but working it out for me.  This I do believe: Romans 8:28 KJV

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

The example I gave was a small annoyance compared to the adversity we face in life. But small lessons can help prepare us for bigger adversity and our life’s purpose. I’ve been called and you have been called. According to His purpose.

Are you waiting for someone to make you believe? It doesn’t work that way. The belief comes from within and then others can see it…..if they choose. The Lord has instilled skills in you for His purpose. Enhance them. Cultivate them and then use them. In doing so you will find your life’s purpose and satisfaction. You must not doubt. It serves no purpose. Comparisons are also a waste of time because we have all been equipped according to the job we have been asked to do.

Keep the faith because without that, it is impossible, impossible to please God and if keeping the faith is a struggle remember, the shame is not in the struggle…..quitting is. Keep it foot in front of the other…everyday. That’s faith. That’s all. You may not always feel confident but confidence isn’t in a feeling it is in doing…..doing no matter how you feel.

In whatever I do I now expect adversity. I am no longer surprised by it. Am I being negative? No, just prepared. Is it still annoying and in some cases scary? Absolutely, but I also know that God is there. Always looking out for me, handling things and teaching and guiding me the whole way. I take extreme comfort and have complete faith in that fact and this one:

Philippians 1:6 KJV

Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:

May God Bless and Keep You.


Ms. Wanda, GAC

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