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It's A Journey

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It’s a New Day!

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Allow God to do his perfect work in you. Your whole life, no matter what that may have entailed, has prepared you to be a perfect work of Christ. It really doesn’t even matter if you understand it all or not. Let this be the year you let go and let God do His perfect work in you.

In Acts 26 Paul recalls his encounter with Jesus (also see Acts 9). Paul (then named Saul before he accepted Christ) hated Christians and was zealous and intense in his pursuit and persecution of them. One day Jesus met him right where he was, not after he got right, but while he was making murderous threats and on his way to persecute more Christians. Jesus asked him why was he persecuting Him? Jesus tells Paul (then named Saul) to rise and stand, He was making him a minister and he was to witness to the things he has seen and those things He will show him.

I don’t know if you realize this but your past can actually be used as a powerful witnessing tool and testimony. Instead of allowing yourself to be shamed by your past turn the tables by using what you have been through as a testimony to God’s goodness. And the only way to be a witness to that is by allowing Jesus to change things, in your heart and in your life. Don’t get stuck in the past. You and your past experiences are going to be influenced by either light or darkness….period…let it be influenced by the light.

When Jesus tells Paul to rise to me this means more than just get up. It means I love you, I accept you, I approve of you. Yes, I know what you have been doing, but rise because this is a new day. Jesus wants us to quit hiding from Him. You can’t do His kingdom any good if you are paralyzed with shame and guilt. How can you convince anyone they are forgiven if you truly have not received His forgiveness for yourself? Stop focusing on your past. It’s a new day. When Jesus says to stand this says to me don’t be weak or weary and do not waver. When you feel like you are about to buckle under the pressure, reassure yourself of what you are entitled to in God’s word. You won’t know if you don’t read and receive.

Rise and stand is what Jesus needs “us” to do so that we can then take the focus off ourselves and become selfless servants of Jesus Christ to minister and witness to “others”. What purpose does it serve to open up and share with each other? As Jesus says in Acts 26:18…”to open their eyes and to turn people from darkness to light and from the power of satan unto God so they may receive forgiveness of sins and inheritance among them which are sanctified (or set apart) by faith that is in me”.

Paul had an encounter with Jesus that changed him and his life.  Jesus used Paul mightily after that encounter and He can use you too. It’s a new day, we have work to do.

With Love,

Ms Wanda, GAC

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