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It's A Journey

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Cancel The Noise

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Go hard or go home…the eye of the tiger…its not about winning its how you play the game that don’t quit…these are all quotes we associate with sports. Quotes about determination, perseverance and personal accountability. But these things don’t only apply to sports it applies to anything you wish to accomplish for God. Along the way you will face opposition. Opponents you know and have studied and those you have no idea about. Opponents that seem to come from strange places and those from familiar places. There are also opponents you have faced all your life.

As a player in team sports everyone has to learn to follow the plays called by the coach. Plays that have been practiced over and over again. Preparation is key. If everyone is doing their own thing they cannot succeed. Even if you are extremely talented you cannot win by yourself. The coach sees the bigger picture. He is looking at the game from all perspectives not just one. Learning to follow his lead while putting your best foot forward leads to success. We all know that some coaches are better than others about seeing the big picture and being knowledgeable about all aspects of the game. But in our lives we have the ultimate Coach. He has written a playbook and provides guidance to make us successful human beings and effective players. We need only depend and  follow his leadership as any player would. Even in individual sports you have a coach or trainer you must rely on. Someone that can keep you on track and accountable.

I was recently watching a commercial about a brand of headphones and Kevin Garnett, whose net worth is among the highest in the NBA, is facing jeers from an angry crowd while on the team bus. He puts his headphones on and as he is walking into the stadium people are all lined up booing him and shouting their displeasure with him. But he is oblivious because he is listening to the music on his headphones…in the midst of disapproval he just smiles. And then the caption reads: “Hear What You Want”. I like that.  People may not like the money he makes, may not like him personally but they don’t sign his checks and don’t live his life. They are only spectators and should not be given undue importance. This may seem harsh but necessary, because if you let people, things or circumstances get in your head you will never accomplish what you were meant to accomplish. And if you do accomplish your goals, if you allow something in your head that shouldn’t be there it can cut off your flow, your effectiveness and in some cases your very life. When that player steps out on the court the people in the stands can shout all they want but it doesn’t matter. First of all they can’t do what he does or they wouldn’t be spectators. Secondly they have no bearing on his performance….his performance depends on his mental and physical condition….it also depends on his ability to work within the team and as an individual…his willingness to prepare before the game….his ability to follow the plays called and his ability to read and gauge  his opponent and come up with an appropriate plan of action to deal with them. It is also extremely important to recognize and identify his opponents. It would be a waste of time to come up with a strategy for the crowd because that is not who he is facing on the court. It may seem like and feel like the crowd is his opponent but that doesn’t make it so. You can spend years fighting  something or someone that’s not your problem at all and certainly not your opponent. If they do not effect the outcome of the game they’re not your opponent. Know your opponent…use your time wisely and prepare accordingly.

Whenever you step out to do anything for God remember this advice: Go hard or go home… leave everything you have on the field this way win or lose you will have no regrets…keep the eye of the tiger…its not about winning, God has that… it’s about how you play the game that counts…….winners don’t quit….hear what you want…. listen to your Coach.


Ms. Wanda, GAC

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