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It's A Journey

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Can You See It?

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

When you know better you do better. Right? Well not necessarily. Why do we run from the things that can change our lives for the better? Some of it can be a discipline problem. But there are disciplined people who are unhappy and rigid. So why can’t we make the necessary changes to change our lives for the better? It all rests in our belief systems. Do we believe tomorrow can be better than today? If we do the possibilities are endless if we don’t the possibilities are stifled.

I was watching a football game and the team I was rooting for was behind with not much time left at all. They had the ball and I can remember feeling bad that they were behind and were going to lose. Then something said stop that, the game is not over! They have the ball and there is still time on the clock, so that means there is still a chance! The first two downs didn’t accomplish much. So now there are just seconds left and only one opportunity to make something happen. All of a sudden I felt calm and excited all at the same time. Calm that there was still a chance and excited to see the possibility. I truly believed in that moment that they could make something happen. Apparently the quarterback believed also because with time running out he drew back his arm and threw a long pass. That ball seemed to float in the air for an eternity then all of a sudden time seemed to pick back up because the receiver caught the ball and ran it the rest of the way for a touchdown!  Now I am a fan of football and have been watching long enough to know it could have gone either way. So the real miracle for me was not that he caught the ball and ran it in for a touchdown, it was that I really and truly believed there was still a chance without any assurance or evidence that it would happen. I wasn’t nervous he couldn’t do it I was excited to see if he would!  I wasn’t focusing on what it looked like, because it didn’t look good. There was a real shift in my attitude. Instead of thinking negatively until proven otherwise I chose to believe in the possibilities. If you believe in the possibilities you will move in that direction. If you don’t you won’t. Just that simple. Check your attitude. Are you believing in the possibility or focusing on what is in the way? And I am not talking about wishful thinking either. Wishful thinking makes you long for something better it doesn’t move you in that direction. Your belief system either opens the door on what is possible in your life or slams it shut. For example, if you want to lose weight and you truly believe it can happen you will find a way. If you think it is possible to have better relationships you will do what it takes regardless of the roadblocks. If you can see a better job in your future you will put yourself out there take the necessary steps and find one. I could go on and on. But on the other hand if in your heart of hearts you really don’ t believe it can happen it probably won’t.

Now I’m not an in your face type of person but I am not afraid to go against the grain and do things others feel are not possible. I have accomplishments that others may have thought were not possible or advised me against even trying. But I accomplished them anyway because I envisioned it was possible. On the other hand there are things that others may feel are completely doable in my life but I cannot see the possibility. I cannot defeat my beliefs.  If I don’t believe, unfortunately, there is no way I can achieve. I do believe, however, that there are times in our lives that God performs miracles sometimes with or without our help. And I also believe a lot of times He does this to show us the possibilities and open us up to all that is available to us. If He can do this without our cooperation how much more could He do if we intentionally chose to believe in Him and the possibilities! That’s the difference between an extraordinary life, a peaceful life and an ordinary life, a defeated life.

Are you content to float through life accepting what is dished out to you or are you hungry for more. Can you see the possibilities? Open up! They are right in front of you. Take the blinders of past experiences off your eyes. Believe! Rare back and throw that pass and watch God run with it! Touchdown!  Woo!! Hoo!!

God Bless You. I am praying for you!

With All the Love of Christ,

Ms Wanda, GAC

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