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Have the Courage to be Fearlessly Authentic. 

The Courage to be Fearlessly You.

So You Can Do the Work You've Been Called to Do!

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 Delightful news! My EP, "Just Something To Think About Vol.1," is now officially available for download on Apple Music and other popular streaming platforms! 

Dive into a world of captivating spoken word pieces that aim to inspire, uplift, and motivate you.  Let the fusion of music and profound words ignite your spirit and spark fresh thoughts within you.

 Spread the word and share the magic with your friends and loved ones! Together, let's embark on a journey of reflection and inspiration.

About Me

Hi I’m Wanda, your Faith Coach and founder of Fearlessly Authentic. I coach women who believe that their authentic selves is not enough. I help them show up fearlessly authentic in their own lives so they can fulfill the purpose and plan for their life.  

"Be mindful that the world that you want to live in and that you need to live in needs you to create it; it needs your input. The world needs to hear what you have to say. The last word has not been spoken.”

-Beah Richards

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Dear Friends! I invite you to download and read about my journey, my "why" and how I use GOD's gift to inspire, uplift and encourage others to believe in GOD's promises for you. 

By Reading, You will be one step closer in finding your Why & Power within

To help you discover the power you have within to boldly and confidently share yourself with the world and let your light shine. To show you that it’s not over and that you don’t have to let what you have been through chase you into hiding. We are going to take what you’ve been through turn it around as a life lesson, steer you to your purpose and then help someone else discover theirs.

My Mission

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Feedback & Reviews

“Just Something to Think About, is just that. It Really gives you something to think about! Probably  my favorite track  is just wait, it's a quite reminder for me to chill out and wait on  GOD! Mama Wanda you did your thing on this!  Love This!
~Destiny Brown

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