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It's A Journey

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The Transition 

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

We are most vulnerable in the transition. When we go from what was to what God created us to be. It’s then when we are at our weakest. The birthing process although natural is a vulnerable time. Transformation is tough, tricky and dangerous. It’s at that time when choices have to be made, relationships strained and the will broken. It’s during this time that you have to choose to whom you will serve? Self? Man? Enemy? Or God. And at every new level of growth we have to continue to answer that same question. We all can point to a time whether consciously or unconsciously when we answered that question. Does God disown us or leave us after that decision? No. Absolutely not. He loves us period. But it’s at that moment we decide through free will the trajectory of our lives from that point. It’s a scary thought that one decision made at one moment in time will put us on a path moving toward our destiny or away from it. It’s tricky because sometimes the path moving toward your destiny is full of loss, separation and heartache. You think this can’t possibly be where I’m supposed to be because it hurts so. But don’t measure your time and place by the pain. Measure by whether or not you still feel God in the midst of it. It’s hard to explain because God may be silent but you can still feel His presence, sense His guidance and benefit from His provision. In the dark times of life just keep putting one foot in front of the other, don’t stop trusting because He is always there and even when we get it wrong if we keep believing He will see us through, turn all things to our good, teach us, love us, guide us, provide for us, equip us, use us as instruments of peace, love and strength. If it’s dark right now for you let it be what it is but don’t give up. God is there and will see you through to the other side. You are who He says you are. It doesn’t matter who sees it or gets it. At first, it doesn’t even matter if you see it or get it. It’s not always easy to catch and keep God’s vision of you. Sometimes especially when your circumstances and your actions don’t line up with God, the vision can be illusive and fluid and hard to pin down. Maybe it’s during that time that God is waiting for you to line up your will with His. Maybe He is waiting for you to quit fighting and running from the vision or as was said to Saul (Paul) before his conversion, it is hard to kick against the pricks ( Read Acts 9, Acts 26). The next time you look in the mirror and think God can’t possibly use me, I don’t have the polish, the look, the reputation, the resources, the confidence or even the faith to attempt let alone accomplish what He has put before me remember this, if God can mightily use a man that displayed weakness and denied him three times during the worst time of his life, if He could use a man that took pleasure in persecuting His followers and the list goes on and on, if God could use all these imperfect, unlikely people He can certainly use you. If you can’t quite catch the vision just keep walking. Keep moving forward one step at a time, one decision at a time. And while making those decisions keep in mind that you are valuable and precious in his sight. No matter what someone told you or what you may even tell yourself. The louder the chatter the greater your call. Don’t believe the lies. And if you can’t catch the vision just stop running and let the vision catch you.

Love ❤️,

Ms Wanda, GAC

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